Sonora High School

ZAP Program


ZAP stands for Zero’s Aren’t Permitted.  This program is designed to encourage students to turn in homework in a timely manner.

Here is how it works:


  1. A student forgets to turn in their homework for class.
  2. Rather than allowing them to take a zero, the teacher will hand them a ZAP Notice which tells them the time and date they are to report to ZAP.
  3. The teacher then notifies me via e-mail that John Doe has been assigned to ZAP for 8-26-2014.
  4. The student reports to ZAP with the notice from the teacher.The student will turn in the completed assignment to the person in charge of ZAP.The assignment is stapled to the ZAP Notice and turned in to the teacher’s box.
  5. If the student fails to show for ZAP, I will notify you through e-mail and I will send a written notice to the student.If a student fails to attend they will go to ISS until work is completed.They will not be allowed to return to campus until all of the work is completed.
  6. If a student does not finish the work in ZAP then the teacher must notify the facilitator in writing.Mr. Wimberley will then put that student in ISS until the work is completed.



ZAP is offered 5 days a week on Monday through Friday mornings at 7:20 am in the library.  Mrs. Geske is the facilitator assigned on these days.  Teachers are responsible for letting the student know in advance that they have been assigned to ZAP, and for e-mailing me a notice for attendance purposes.

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