2/28/18       1st Division Concert, U.I.L. 

2/14/18     A.T.S.S.B. All-State; 1st Chair-3A Alto Saxophone: Delaney Ramsdell

10/28/17   Area Marching; 5th place Prelims, Finalists: 6th place

10/21/17   1st Division Marching, U.I.L.

5/ 27/17    U.I.L. STATE Solo-Ensemble, OUTSTANDING SOLOIST: Tate Shannon

3/1/17     U.I.L. SWEEPSTAKES (1st Div. Concert-Sightreading-marching)
                                             Third consectutive time!!!

10/22/16    1st Division Marching, U.I.L.

5/ 30/16    U.I.L. STATE Solo-Ensemble, Six 1st divisions!!!
                   Flute Trio: Olivia Martinez, Hazel Kent, Layla Burke, Saxophone AND Vocal Solo: Delaney Ramsdell, Bassoon Solo: Tate Shannon

3/7/16     U.I.L. SWEEPSTAKES (1st Div. Concert-Sightreading-marching)
                                             Second consecutive time!!!

2/6/16     Sixteen 1st Division Solo-Ensemble, U.I.L.
                   (All sixteen advancing to State)

 5/ 23/15    U.I.L. STATE Solo-Ensemble, SEVEN 1st divisions!!!
                   Flute Quartet: Olivia Martinez, Hazel Kent, Yesina Lujan, April Friare, Trumpet Solo: Abi Garcia, Saxophone Solo: Delaney Ramsdell, Bassoon Solo: Tate Shannon

3/6/15     U.I.L. SWEEPSTAKES (1st Div. Concert-Sightreading-marching)
                                             First time in 31 years!!!

2/7/15     Eleven 1st Division Solo-Ensemble, U.I.L.
                   (All eleven advancing to State)

10/19/14    1st Division Marching, U.I.L.

10/11/14    1st Division Marching, Outstanding                                Brass, Heart of TX Festival

 10/4/14    1st Division Marching,                                                            3A CHAMPION,  Outstanding Brass,
                   San Angelo Marching Festival

3/19/14    Sweepstakes, Cisco Music Festival

3/6/14        1st Division Concert, U.I.L.

10/19/13    1st Division Marching, U.I.L.

10/12/13    1st Division Marching, Heart of TX Festival

10/5/13    1st Division Marching, 2A CHAMPION-                     San Angelo Marching Festival

3/20/13     1st Division Concert, Cisco Festival
                    Nine 1st division solos, Cisco Festival

3/7/13       1st Division Concert, U.I.L.

2/9/13       Eight 1st Division Ensemble medals, U.I.L.
                    Four 1st Division Solo medals, U.I.L.

10/22/12   1st Division Marching, U.I.L.

10/15/12   1st Division Marching, San Angelo Festival

3/7/12       1st Division Concert, U.I.L.

10/22/11   1st Division Marching, U.I.L.